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Welcome to Advanced Skin Care Solutions,
a local Phoenix, business specializing in:

Permanent Makeup
Permanent makeup is quite simply a tattoo, the process off micro-pigmentation is performed in a safe and clean environment by a Softap certified professional. The process begins with a comprehensive consultation at which time you will be asked a series of questions to determine the look that you are going for.  You will also be given a questionnaire which will review any medications, health concerns and lifestyle to ensure that permanent makeup is right for you. 
Once we have established that there are no contraindications to the procedure, the consultation will continue with a number of questions regarding personal preference. Color, shape and style will all be determined at this time. 

Prior to the application, the area will be cleansed and  a topical anesthetic will be applied to allow for the most comfortable experience possible. 
Once the skin is prepped for the application, your artist will begin the micro-pigmentation process.  Instead of using the typical tattoo machine that most people associate with tattoos, a small hand tool will gently "tap" the pigment into the skin.  This process is consideralbly less painful than all other techniques used in the past.  There is virtually no sound made by the hand tool because it has no power source.  Because of this, there is a much more relaxed and calm environment which leads to better results. Included with the initial service is a touch-up which may or may not be needed.  You will be asked to return for this touch-up within 90 days.  After that, a typical touch-up fee will be required.

When deciding if permanent cosmetics are right for you, first ask yourself if waking up each morning with your makeup perfectly in place is something you place value on.  Permanent makeup will
enhance your daily routine by cutting the time spent in front of the mirror and avoiding smudged and misplaced makeup. Minimal maintenance is required as most clients will only return for touch-ups every 2-5 years to refresh the color. 

Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash extensions are one of the hottest new beauty crazes in Hollywood and is now being offered to the public!  Unlike the older style of flare lashes that are clumpy looking and damaging to the clients natural lash, true lash extensions look and feel more like the real thing. Almost anyone can benefit from receiving a set of eyelash extensions, especially those with short and thin eyelashes.  There are may versatile looks that can be achieved through the expert application of these single strand extensions.  Prior to the application, you will be asked what your personal style is.  Determining length, thickness and amount of curl desired will ensure that you receive exactly what you are looking for.

Once there is a determination on the look and style, you will be asked to lay down and given comfy pillows and a blanket if needed to ensure you have an enjoyable experience.  Your lashes will be thoroughly cleansed to ensure proper adhesion. The bottom lashes are secured down with an eye pad and individual lashes will be applied using a high-quality, formaldehyde free adhesive.  While every client is different, most will receive anywhere from 60-120 lashes per eye.  Typically a service for a first time client will range from 60 to 90 min. and touch-ups are usually completed in 30-45 min.  Most touch-ups are required at a 3-4 week interval in order to keep them looking fresh and healthy.

These lashes are perfect for those going on vacation, getting married, swimmers, moms on the go, or anyone who is just looking to enhance their look while saving time getting ready.  When combined with permanent makeup, you can quite literally wake up and go!

PCA Peels and Anti-aging Facial Treatments
PCA is a leader in the skincare industry, focused on providing some of the highest quality products and services on the market.  PCA Peels are well known for their Anti-aging and therapeutic properties.  Peels focus on reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as improving the tone and texture of the skin.  Other Anti-aging treatments such as enzyme peels and oxygenating treatments are all essential for maintaining the integrity of the skin in Arizona's harsh climate.  Those that suffer with hyper-pigmentation from the sun and hormonal changes from child birth and menopause can seek relief from the embarrassment of discoloration on the face, neck, chest and hands with the help of these professional treatments.

Your Aesthetician will help you decide which service is appropriate for your skin type and individual needs as not all services are appropriate for everyone.  Once the correct treatment is chosen, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and prepped for the service.  If a peel is being done, you will be asked keep your eyes closed and the solution will be carefully applied to the skin.  Once the peel has penetrated the skin, additional vitamins and serums are also applied for added benefits.  You can expect the skin to begin to peel in 24-48 hours and typically takes 2-3 days to completely finish flaking.

The finished result is smoother and more radiant skin. Makeup will go on more evenly and some of the fine lines and wrinkles will appear diminished.  Other treatments that focus on improving acne, pigmentation, and dark spots can all follow in a few weeks as you continue on your path to more perfect skin.

Full Body, Facial, and Men's Waxing

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